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    Elite Performance Team - Don’t Be Average!

    Recover Faster. Train Harder.

    Elite Performance Team Locally owned and running since 2010, Elite Performance Team, based in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ and Toronto, ON, brings you quality supplements and performance tools to fuel your body, for speed recovery and to take your performance to the Elite Level. We provide every service an athlete will need, all in one place.
    We have partnered with Nutritional Frontiers to have the highest quality supplements. Our range of supplements are specially formulated to help sports recovery, and keep your performance at its peak. We do not mass produce our products.  Rather, they are formulated in small batches for freshness, purity and potency. These are supplements made for athletes by athletes. The protein we use is vegan based; DMG – adaptogen which allows your body to adapt to different stresses.

    You’ll see us at races - we are the guys that give recovery services for a lot of the athletes. Look out for us at the next race, you’ll be able to check out our supplements as well as our partner products there. We work with some pro teams.  We also provide services to determine your body composition results. We hold seminars/workshops and if you miss it, you can register online to get the content.

    Our chiropractic physician Dr. Jan Kasprowicz is a trademark sports recovery specialist, perhaps the only sports recovery specialist in the world.
    We offer services in Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Supplements.

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    Discover the Difference with Elite Performance Team!

    At Elite Performance Team, we have handpicked a set of professionals to ensure you get the best advice and services. Our Sports Recovery Specialist will guide you in your recovery process and help you achieve your fitness and athletic goals by helping you with your sports recovery issues. Schedule an appointment with them today and discover the difference!


    Elite Performance Team