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Our clients say ...

Elite Performance Team brings you the highest quality supplementation to fuel your body, speed recovery and take your performance to the Elite level.

As a gym owner who loves sport and fitness. It is always wonderful  to be involved with a passionate and committed team of health professionals who are dedicated to excellence in their respective field. The elite performance team is indeed elite and I would encourage anyone in the field of health and sport science to check out what team EPT has to offer. They offer tremendous value and cover a full variety  of of topics that cover a complete mind-body approach. Thank you EPT for a tremendous weekend. Our clients and trainers loved it!!
Speaker,Trainer, SHED President,
Certified Master Coach specializing in Fitness and Health
Board Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy and NLP


“We are good at what we do and are great instructors and are always working to become even better. This is where EPT comes in with their great depth of knowledge and they do exceedingly well to pass this on during their training and seminars.
The whole Elite Performance Team  Dr. Jan, Dr. Pino and Dr. Thimo are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and are true experts in their fields. Their training courses and seminars in sports performance, sport specific training and sports recovery are highly recommended to any athlete who wants to take their skills to the next level. Can't wait for the next course.”

Will Arasmua

Owner/Head Trainer

Muscle And Lungs CROSSFIT

Our Clients Say...

The Elite Performance Team workshops provide cutting edge nutrition, training, therapy and recovery strategies.

No matter what your sport or level, you always want to compete at your highest capacity.  The Elite Performance Team will provide you will all the necessary tools to train your hardest, recover faster and compete at your best.

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Our Clients Say...

" The Elite Performance Team deliver a course that redefines how we assess, manage and prescribe training and performance programming. Through the use of functional assessment, great exercise demos and the use of Rocktape, they have bridged the gap between  theory and practice giving coaches and trainers the tools and resources to optimize performance. " 

Brad Norris - M.Ed., D.Ac., FST 
Director of Education - Rocktape Canada  
Poliquin Strength Coach


Our Clients Say...

"We had the opportunity to receive the staff of Elite Performance Team at Interamerican University of Puerto Rico last semester.  The seminar they gave the students and professors was very professional and interesting.  The topics discussed were a great compliment to some of the class material studied by my students.  The practical applications covered through the laboratories were also useful and instructive for all professors and studensts."  

Javier Osorio

Professor of Sports Medicine